Why You Should Rescue

Have you ever noticed that people are proud to tell you they rescued their dog? They should be proud; rescuing a dog in need saves the life of an animal, and is both rewarding and the right thing to do.

When you choose to adopt, you save the life of one of the many wonderful dogs who are waiting in rescues and shelters for someone to love them, and make room for another animal to be saved. Dogs of every age, breed, size, and temperament are waiting to be adopted, from purebreds to mutts, puppies to seniors, and everything in between.

Most people who consider buying their new pet from a breeder or a pet store don’t realize the magnitude of the animal overpopulation problem in our country. Tragically, between 3 and 4 million unwanted animals are euthanized in the US every year. These are mostly healthy, loving pets whose former owners have let them down by failing to accept responsibility for their care, and choosing not to spay or neuter.

The biggest misconception about rescued dogs is that they are somehow damaged or deficient, but they are just as loving and loyal as any dog, and perhaps more grateful for the second chance. Some may need a little more support, love, and patience at first, but dogs are incredibly resilient, and they adapt quickly to new environments. Dogs rescued from even terrible circumstances can transition into a well-adjusted member of your family.

Working with a rescue like Team Leo Animal Rescue can offer valuable insight on the dog you are adopting. Our dogs are fostered by a member of our volunteer team, living in their home as part of a family. This intimate connection with the dog gives us a better sense of their personality and temperament, and helps us understand the type of adoptive home that will best suit them.

Helping those in need is an enriching experience, and that goes for our four-legged friends as well as our neighbors. Team Leo Animal Rescue works to give forgotten dogs a second chance at life, and we want adopters to help spread the word about the virtues of rescue so that others will consider the incredible good and personal satisfaction that comes from saving a dog’s life.