Fargo joined Team Leo in March 2016. He was in Orange County Animal  shelter in California for the third time. Fargo is a forever foster that is part of the Frosted Faces Foundation.  He  to Team Leo by an awesome pilot friend that volunteered to bring him!

"I enjoy cooling off in mud puddles and meal time."

This is Fez. He's an 12 yo Rat Terrier/Basenji mix.
He was rescued in 2007 from a Kansas high kill shelter and became a member of Team Leo. 

"I love hiking and being with mom. And I love my girlfriend Kady."

SMores is a 2 year old Guinea pig. Team Leo saved her from an unfortunate circumstance. She has been with us since early 2016.  

"I enjoy riding in my sidecar next to my bestie Rockin Rex. I love munching on assorted veggies-especially greens!  Also I love being in Team Leo photos and videos!"

Pepper is our 13 y.o Pomeranian. She is a puppy mill survivor that came to Team Leo in 2009.

"I enjoy stealing cookies, riding in the car, and rolling in smelly stuff"




Boss Bugs was born 11/11/11,  She was a  French Bulldog.  She was rescued from a Kansas puppy mill in 2012.  Miss Bugs was  a special needs team member with only 1/4 heart function. She was only expected to live a year upon rescue -she made it 5.5 years.  Sadly Bugs passed away in July 2017.

"I am the Boss of Team Leo and I enjoy taking naps, snuggling with other forever members, and keeping the Team updated on all the latest gossip."

This is Josie the mini-doxy.  She is 8 and came to Team Leo in 2010. She was a breeding mama in a puppy mill. 

"I enjoy hiking, running in the snow and snuggling with Bugs, RT, and Pepper"

Betty Sue

Guapo, is a white boxer boy and has DM. He came from a high kill shelter in California. He was rescued by Team Leo early in 2016.

"I enjoy relaxing and cuddling with other Team members."


Team Leo Forever Members

Alvin is a 16 year old boxer mix that was in a high kill shelter in New Mexico after her owner passed away.  We couldn't sit idle and let her be euthanized, that wouldn't be fair to her. So in 2016 Alvin was transported to Colorado to live out her days with Team Leo!

"I enjoy sleeping on comfy beds, napping, and being adorable."

Papa is a 13 year old boxer boy with DM. He went from streets of Vegas and ended up at at a kill shelter. He joined Team Leo in 2016.

"I enjoy sleeping on plush beds and the company of female boxers!"


Big Papa


Rockin Rex


Rockin Rex was an 11 year old Boxer.  He had the start of Degenerative Myelopathy and was found as a stray.  He ended up at Orange County Animal Shelter in California. They gave him an extra 24 hours to find a rescue. Luckily, with the help of many Cali Boxer advocates he joined Team Leo in October  2015.  Rex passed away in Frebruary 2017.  
"I enjoy rolling in my wheels with my awesome bestie, Smores. I love eating  cookies and dozing off on rainy days."

Betty Sue is a 13 yo mini Aussie that was used as a breeding mom in a puppy mill. She is a special needs gal. She lost her leg in the mill.

"I enjoy quiet time, curling up in a comfy bed, and watching birds out the window."